Finally, house becomes our main need after food & cloth to be more independent and more mature.

A few months ago, we hunted house in North Bekasi, but there’s no ‘click’ on both of us in choosing the house. Find the complete story here.

Then, from a tweet, we found this house. You may read the complete story here.

It’s located on Jonggol at one of the housing cluster complex of the famous developer.

There’s affordable cluster which fit with our requirements.

We went to survey and booked.

Our SSH Cluster

Our SSH Cluster

basic plan

basic plan

It’s SSH which stands for Small Simple House,

SSH means less space we have, less energy to keep it tidy & clean, am I absolutely right?!

Ours is 36/72, but actually it’s 36/145 :).

We’re in proccess on getting our first house.

As fast as we arrived home after surveying and booking the house, we’re so excited to make the plan of it.

For our great passion and due to lack of our laptop’s virtual memory, we love to share our scarp 🙂

Enjoy 🙂