ravenia#4 : 2 separated bathrooms



In this design, i just tried to memorize my mother-in-law’s suggestion when she visited our house a few weeks ago.

The front room becomes living room.  Noted, eventhough i thought it’s kinda not too usefull since as the new comers in the neighborhood we would not have guest everyday. So, why should we spare special room for living room? but there’s advantage with sparing special room for guest for owner’s privacy :).

The family room becomes bigger since it doesn’t share with another room.

Bedroom room is next to the living room and it is shown on brown area. The previous bathroom is eliminated and regenerated to be 2 separated bathroom. 1 for public and another one for the master bedroom. Bathrooms are shown in grey color.

Bathroom is also as divider for kitchen and service area (dark brown area) on the back yard. There’s little space for little garden for bathroom and kitchen’s air circulation.


Ravenia#1 : 1st Modification – plan

Joining my wife’s idea to do make over to our house, I suggested her to join me using “Sweet Home 3D” as an application tool to simulate our design before we decide to realize the project.

Due to a little space we have so i wanna try to create a simple design based on my basic plan. it is a modification from the original basic plan which has been posted previously.



As you can see I added two rooms (kitchen and laundry room) which previously designed as the backyard. Also i added to forward the bedroom space which previously 2.5m x 3m became 4m x 3m more less. So now I have more space for my bedroom.

Here’s the 3D pictures from all sides

Four sides view

Four sides view

on my next post i will share you my simple design based on modification plan above.


Ravenia#1 : Basic Plan


In the morning and start to post a new thing, we’re happy as we received a comment from someone in this post. Thanks Sean, for stepping by and leave comment about how houzz has influenced us :D.

Here’s the basic plan.

The front  direction is North East. The front room (white floor) size is 2.5m x 3m. The bathroom size is 1.5m x 2m. Total length-width is 12m x 12m.

The total building area is approximaly 36m sq.

The width house itself is 6m.  I’ve put the original position of windows and doors. I’ve modify the surrounding walls height 80cm, in fact, there’s no surrounding wall & fence. We have to build it.

basic plan

top view

back view

left view

front view

back & side view

Let’s start the project….