Ravenia#1 : 1st mod – Kitchen

Owning a house is one of our dreams as a couple who have been married since March 2011. We are lucky the house is at the corner of the housing with an affordable price. Thanks God, there’s kind previous buyer who cancel to order this house and give us opportunity to buy it then :). Well, if there’s the right time, we’re sure there will be a way to get it 🙂

Basically it is a 36/72 house  which means 36 sq m as the size of the building and 72 sq m is the size of the land. iyeyyyyy… Since it’s at the corner so we have an extra land 72 sq m more, so our land actually is 144sq m. How lucky we are.

Original Plan based on Developer

Original Plan based on Developer

We have a front yard, bedroom, living room, bathroom and the backyard. But we have no kitchen actually. So I think I want to add more rooms for kitchen and laundry room. It’s not a house, if we dont have any kitchen to cook in. If there’s no kitchen how we produce our meal? Like an ancient human-gathering food? Of course not, we have a space to keep stove, plate, spoon and storage named kitchen. Am I right?

It’s a great option to make use the free space  at the backyard to be a kitchen and the laundry room.

My future-kitchen is a place where I can enjoy my morning day and my breakfast time in the same time and at the same place. In Indonesia mostly kitchen made only for cooking only. You cannot doing anything else in the kitchen except for cooking. I don’t like this idea. And for my future kitchen, sorry to say but I have to break that tradition and habit.

So I tried to design my kitchen somehow.

Simple Kitchen

Simple Kitchen

It is a simple design with a minimum space. With a 2.75M long and 4.15M wide I finished my design.

Here’s the 3D picture


It’s L kitchen with shelves on top and bottom. There’s an island as dining table with bar stool. Even now, we’re just 2, maybe someday there will some relatives and family will have dine with us. Also, the island can be storage indeed. I love the western kitchen which island in it.

As I dont like seeing many thing scattered everywhere, I prefer to use shelves as the storage for all kitchen stuff.

For wall, i like to use the exposed brick, so mediteranian and so warm.

There’re big window to keep the good air circulation and also to monitor what happens on the side yard if one day we have child who will play attractively at.

It’s like this, but below is the white version.

I’m pretty sure I will enjoy my coffee morning with a nice sun shine and my lovely wife beside me…  ahahaha.. sorry to telling you that.

That’s all about my future-kitchen. What about yours?

Have a nice day 🙂