Ravenia#2 : wifey makes changes!


Long time not posting is like dying :D. Well, since the hubby is so busy with his work stuff, so I will take over the renovation post for a while (even I’m the administrator of this blog :D).

For reader information, the design is just for my reference only. The hubby obviously doesn’t agree for some room arrangement. But, It’s ok, I have my own reason for the arrangement.

Let’s start…

I attach the basic plan. You may see the complete basic plan here.

basic plan

basic plan

and here’s my modification.

complete dimension

complete dimension

top view

then, I’ve made changes as marked with red.


9 changes compared with the basic plan

  1. Move the front door & window location. If it stay on its original position, I think it is not nice there’re 2 doors side by side. I dont want to move it to the middle of the front wall, since the back door on the back wall is in the middle too. It’s not good based on some tradition. When the front door and the back door in 1 straight line, some old man said our luck would come and go easily.
  2. Add new door for living room access. I choose to change the master bedroom to be the living room. Why? Because the area is too small (2,5m x 3m). I’m not sure, there’s left area after we put our queen bed inside. I create the livingroom in a room due to privacy. I want to keep comfort on my own home while my hubby have guest in the livingroom. I  dont want to use it as bedroom either, since it’s too small and we have to enlarge the room by adding the space forward. Adding space forward means  more expenses to re-arrange the roof and it’s ‘skeleton’. I’ve added space on the backyard, no need to add the space to front yard.
  3. make a new wall for the border wall, you may see it’s thicker than other walls. Yup. Since the walls are made form BATAKO, I dont want on the future our border cracking when they put nails on their wall. That’s why, I want our own wall.
  4. Move the restroom door. Since I want to add new sliding door as teh access to the master bedroom, so the bedroom also has the direct-access to the restroom without  exiting the bedroom.
  5. Add new space on the rest room for water heater’s gas storage. This idea comes when I think it’s not safe enough to put the gas tub outside. So I want it inside the restroom.
  6. Add new room for bedroom. Yes, so the bedroom will be 3x4m. And we can see the sideyard garden when we wake up :). This is my dream bedroom, when I can see the ‘green’ and inhale it’s freshness.
  7. Move the door-less-access to middle in the original back wall. Actually, i move it to the middle of the wall is due to I want to devide the room for kitchen and laundry space. If it’s without wall or divider, it’s like so miserable, so messy.
  8. Add new wall for backside. It’s for additional room for kitchen and service area (laundry area). Yes, I’ve explained on point#7
  9. Add minimalist dry garden for back wall border. It’s for ‘breathing’ so the kitchen will have the window and breath and so does the laundry space.On next post, i will give you the details for each points.Stay tuned and dress your house up 🙂

Laundry room


Okay, Lets talk about service area. In this case, I’ll talk about laundry room.

I’m visiting Houzz and search laundry room+small+wet.

Laundry room. yes, i want to know how to arrange the laundry stuff.

Small. sure, we have limited space, to do this activity.

Wet. It’s always on my mind that laundry activity will involve water, detergent and washing machine. So the room MUST have the wet area.

But, after searching the laundry room, most of them have 2 big machines which are washing & tumble dry machine. Also, the have little tiny wet area and it’s only a sink.

I don’t say it’s bad arrangement, but I think every home has it’s own arrangement depends on the user’s habit.

Above good picture example does not meet my requirement for my laundry room wanna be. Here are my laundry room requirement regarding my washing habit.

    1. As many variables are limited [electricity power, room space, budgeting], than we will only use 1 machine, which is automatic washing machine complete from wash-spin-dry.  Branded top loading machine is more affordable than the branded front loading one. The twintub washing machine is the cheapest than others, but for washing require more energy to move washed-soaped clothes from one tub to bucket to rinse and lose the the detergent. Then we have to remove them to them drying tub. Alot of energy and time spent :(.
    2. Since sometimes I’m not satisfied with the cleaness of the washing machine, therefore I have to separate the white, light color and the dark color cloth and then soak them grouply into a bucket of water+detergent. Then brush some part of the garment such as inner collar, collar, sleeve and front pocket on the sshirt. It requires large wet area instead of a sink for soaking. So large enough wet area with proper water supply is a must. Sometimes, I usually use the drain water for soaking the most dirty fabric/mop. It’s great to lose the oil on the fabric. Or sometimes I use drain water to mop the exterior floor like floor in terrace :).
    3. As the dried clothes out from washing machine are not totally dry, I have to hang it on a dryer. Then, if it’s indoor, i love to have the skylight roof so the sunshine can be in but it’s safe from suddenly rain.  At least, the room has air circulation through big window.

      love the idea of drying

      Contemporary Laundry Room by Mountain View General Contractor Harrell Remodeling

Traditional Laundry Room by Shelby Kitchen And Bath Walker Woodworking

So, your laundry room style depends on you since you’re the one who use it 🙂

Enjoy your laundry activity !