ravenia#3 : expecting the baby

Aloha meet me again, the wifey.

Sorry to say, I decided to discontinue the project#2 because I’m pregnant now (26 weeks) and it does affect our design. We should prepare the larger bedroom for parent and baby.

In this design, there’re some changes made. The overall changes can be seen below design :


ravenia#3 design

PS. i’ve just known how to make the design has color like above 😀 by editing its preferences.


For bedroom, since we think that the baby will stay with us until toddler, then I extend the bedroom from its original (3m x 2,5m) to be 4m x 4m, on the same position -on the front of the house. I’ve placed some furnitures in the room. It seems fit for bed, wardrobe, crib and dresser and also the direct access to the toilet.

Bed, crib and dresser are on the same ‘room’. The wardrobe behind the bed has function as room separator between the bed+crib area with the walk-in-closet and the toilet. On bed+crib area has large-triple-window with blind for air circulation from sideyard garden. Also for baby sun-bathing :). I’ve put the baby dresser in front of the crib for larger space to do diaper changing, bathe the baby etc.

The bed has the bedside table, as requested by the hubby, since he doesn’t like the bed is place right beside the wall without any left space. Darling, I’ve considerated your request. Better you agree with this design, ahahahaha.


bed, crib and baby dresser


bed and walk in closet

the walk-in-closet area itself is connected to the toilet. So when the we finish take a bath, we will enter the wal-in-closet. The wardrobe has sliding door to save the space for people mobilization. The mobilization area is about 1m. This area also has the frosted-glass-window with blind to control the sideyard garden.

The door to access the toilet is also the sliding door, it’s about 15-20 cm above the floor to avoid the water comes from toilet while we have activity in the toilet.


the walk-in-closet


The living room to welcome the guest is on its original position and its shares with TV room. The furniture in this room is so simple, just bench with pillows with higher part on the corner side as table. The-table-higher-part is also can be storage for snack for the coming guests. The position of door & window are still in their original position without any changes.


living room


family room

The living room and the family room is divided by a shelf. Since the limited space, the family room is using the carpet. The TV and its accessories are ‘floating’ on the wall. Our wedding picture will be placed above the TV 🙂


The kitchen, service area and the praying room (mushola) are placed on back. The kitchen  has L formed with bar table for dine. It  has access to the praying area and service area. The mushola is borderless connected with the service area with has the wet area. The mushola is sufficient for 2 persons or when it’s not use can be used as ‘additional space’ for guess room. Just put a single bed to lay down.

The praying area is also can be the additional space for cooking activity if there’s some family gathering.



I want the washing and ironing activity are done in this area, so I will not see the crowded of the un-ironed clothes spreading everywhere. This special area will keep the home tidy and neat :). The service area is not only have the open space above the wet area, but also it has small water tank -completed with faucet, to save the rain for rain harvesting purpose. I plan to filter the rain water using the traditional ways before it’s saved on the water tank. The filtered-rain-water will be used for soaking the dirty napkin or to mop the floor.

The wet area in this service area also has the water installation for clean water for wudhu.

The service area is separated from the family room by a sliding door. The sliding door also keeps the privacy if the praying area turns to be the additional guest room.


praying room and service area


service area


service area and family room


service area and family room


praying area with height 15-20cm from floor


praying area


The toilet is on the original position but it’s extend 1m to sideyard to adapt the bedroom extension. The toilet extension is for AC compressor, gas and rain-water-tank storage for toilet needs.

wc5 wc1 wc2 wc3


There’s a terrace in front of the living room and little path to access the carport.


front terrace

the sideyard has little path to access the house from sideyard. The gazebo and the bench for BBQ are provided for family gathering.


gazebo and BBQ spot



We’re so exciting wait the baby ^^


Ravenia#2 : wifey makes changes!


Long time not posting is like dying :D. Well, since the hubby is so busy with his work stuff, so I will take over the renovation post for a while (even I’m the administrator of this blog :D).

For reader information, the design is just for my reference only. The hubby obviously doesn’t agree for some room arrangement. But, It’s ok, I have my own reason for the arrangement.

Let’s start…

I attach the basic plan. You may see the complete basic plan here.

basic plan

basic plan

and here’s my modification.

complete dimension

complete dimension

top view

then, I’ve made changes as marked with red.


9 changes compared with the basic plan

  1. Move the front door & window location. If it stay on its original position, I think it is not nice there’re 2 doors side by side. I dont want to move it to the middle of the front wall, since the back door on the back wall is in the middle too. It’s not good based on some tradition. When the front door and the back door in 1 straight line, some old man said our luck would come and go easily.
  2. Add new door for living room access. I choose to change the master bedroom to be the living room. Why? Because the area is too small (2,5m x 3m). I’m not sure, there’s left area after we put our queen bed inside. I create the livingroom in a room due to privacy. I want to keep comfort on my own home while my hubby have guest in the livingroom. I  dont want to use it as bedroom either, since it’s too small and we have to enlarge the room by adding the space forward. Adding space forward means  more expenses to re-arrange the roof and it’s ‘skeleton’. I’ve added space on the backyard, no need to add the space to front yard.
  3. make a new wall for the border wall, you may see it’s thicker than other walls. Yup. Since the walls are made form BATAKO, I dont want on the future our border cracking when they put nails on their wall. That’s why, I want our own wall.
  4. Move the restroom door. Since I want to add new sliding door as teh access to the master bedroom, so the bedroom also has the direct-access to the restroom without  exiting the bedroom.
  5. Add new space on the rest room for water heater’s gas storage. This idea comes when I think it’s not safe enough to put the gas tub outside. So I want it inside the restroom.
  6. Add new room for bedroom. Yes, so the bedroom will be 3x4m. And we can see the sideyard garden when we wake up :). This is my dream bedroom, when I can see the ‘green’ and inhale it’s freshness.
  7. Move the door-less-access to middle in the original back wall. Actually, i move it to the middle of the wall is due to I want to devide the room for kitchen and laundry space. If it’s without wall or divider, it’s like so miserable, so messy.
  8. Add new wall for backside. It’s for additional room for kitchen and service area (laundry area). Yes, I’ve explained on point#7
  9. Add minimalist dry garden for back wall border. It’s for ‘breathing’ so the kitchen will have the window and breath and so does the laundry space.On next post, i will give you the details for each points.Stay tuned and dress your house up 🙂

Ravenia#1 : 1st mod – Kitchen

Owning a house is one of our dreams as a couple who have been married since March 2011. We are lucky the house is at the corner of the housing with an affordable price. Thanks God, there’s kind previous buyer who cancel to order this house and give us opportunity to buy it then :). Well, if there’s the right time, we’re sure there will be a way to get it 🙂

Basically it is a 36/72 house  which means 36 sq m as the size of the building and 72 sq m is the size of the land. iyeyyyyy… Since it’s at the corner so we have an extra land 72 sq m more, so our land actually is 144sq m. How lucky we are.

Original Plan based on Developer

Original Plan based on Developer

We have a front yard, bedroom, living room, bathroom and the backyard. But we have no kitchen actually. So I think I want to add more rooms for kitchen and laundry room. It’s not a house, if we dont have any kitchen to cook in. If there’s no kitchen how we produce our meal? Like an ancient human-gathering food? Of course not, we have a space to keep stove, plate, spoon and storage named kitchen. Am I right?

It’s a great option to make use the free space  at the backyard to be a kitchen and the laundry room.

My future-kitchen is a place where I can enjoy my morning day and my breakfast time in the same time and at the same place. In Indonesia mostly kitchen made only for cooking only. You cannot doing anything else in the kitchen except for cooking. I don’t like this idea. And for my future kitchen, sorry to say but I have to break that tradition and habit.

So I tried to design my kitchen somehow.

Simple Kitchen

Simple Kitchen

It is a simple design with a minimum space. With a 2.75M long and 4.15M wide I finished my design.

Here’s the 3D picture


It’s L kitchen with shelves on top and bottom. There’s an island as dining table with bar stool. Even now, we’re just 2, maybe someday there will some relatives and family will have dine with us. Also, the island can be storage indeed. I love the western kitchen which island in it.

As I dont like seeing many thing scattered everywhere, I prefer to use shelves as the storage for all kitchen stuff.

For wall, i like to use the exposed brick, so mediteranian and so warm.

There’re big window to keep the good air circulation and also to monitor what happens on the side yard if one day we have child who will play attractively at.

It’s like this, but below is the white version.

I’m pretty sure I will enjoy my coffee morning with a nice sun shine and my lovely wife beside me…  ahahaha.. sorry to telling you that.

That’s all about my future-kitchen. What about yours?

Have a nice day 🙂