Ravenia#2 : the front side changes


As per previous post, I want to give you the details for each changes I’ve planned. Let’s talk about the point#1 :

Move the front door & window location. If it stay on its original position, I think it is not nice there’re 2 doors side by side. I dont want to move it to the middle of the front wall, since the back door on the back wall is in the middle too. It’s not good based on some tradition when the front door and the back door in 1 straight line, some old man said our luck would come and go easily.

front changes

front changes

for front side, I move the original door+window and also add new door for living room access. Livingroom is aimed for meeting the formal guest, while the-moved-door is for close family or relative or friend or other informal guests.

I’m still using the window because I am going to open eletricity locket, so they can buy the ‘token’ through the window.

The Front side is one of exterior sides should be decorated & protected due to weather changes from rain and moisture. Searching and find this paint. This paint has special technology, called Elastoshield technology so the wall is maximum-protected. Elastoshield technology not only protects our exterior by covering the hairy cracking, but also perfect protection from rain-sunshine.

Hm… for the front side I’ve changed, I love to use the Renada color, so soft.

Another changes is prolonging the terrace (showed as the red floor) to be full approximalely 3m length for access another room beside the living room. It’s also a path  for motorcycle when the hubby go home with his motorcycle. The motorcycle should be stored inside to avoid motorcycle theft.

So where is the carport? Since we haven’t had the car yet, I haven’t designed the carport area :D.

Stay tuned for the sequel. Keep dress your house up!

Have a nice day.