Side fence


This is wifey again! The hubby is busy with his office task, therefore for a while, I’ll update this blog for all of our followers 😀

Last night, hubby visited our favorite site, houzz. He searched something which I dont know, since I watched TV. On some pictures he adored, he called me to take a look. And he showed me this picture.

Our house-will-be should be fenced and we agreed. We dont want our plant in the side yard are taken by some goats or something else. Our 1st idea is by siding the outer part of the side yard with 2,5meters height wall. We’re going to make wall for side yard only, since  the front fence should not exceed than 80 cm.

Then, there come the new idea. Wood.

My hubby want the side fence is made from wood as his assumption it’s cheaper than wall. Hm.. actually, I ddint know about the cost comparison.

Then I searched, for wood fence and I find this and this. What??? it’s about 800thousand – 1million rupiahs for per meter square?! It’s too expensive!

Then, I compare between the iron fence and wood fence for their pluses & minuses. Hm… still counting on calculator.

Ahaaa! I have an idea. How if I use the bamboo as the fence material? How smart I am 😀

I can find bamboo everywhere. It’s familiar here. But, then rise another problem.

I’ve browsed the internet, and guess what???

  • No local profesional vendor to install bamboo fence.
  • I’ve just found 1 local preservatived-bamboo vendor.
  • other alternative is importing from China. Ow… my God! *speechless.

So now, i’m re-thinking what material should be appropiate for our side fence…