About us

Let us introduce ourselves.

Quinie is the wifey, socialmedia enthusiasm, bloggers admin specialist, owning many blogs from blogspot and wordpress, moody fake interior designer.

Bennov is the hubby. Blog beginner, interior-design enthusiasm. Find him here.

We stay in Indonesia, in suburb named Bekasi.

About this blog

Quinnov stands for Quinie & Bennov 🙂

This blog is not only  about our passion to be interior designer and fake architect, but also passion how to modify our  homy SSH [simple small house]

Both of us have different opinion how to modify the room and make it functional and comfort.

Our goals :

  1. The SSH owner [like us] has more options to renovate their house after seeing our design.  I know the model plan of SSH is so limited and has forced-tendency in line with it’s very affordable price.
  2. We have documentation regarding our design and we can considerate which is the best design for each room or whole part of house someday.

    Enjoy our crap design 😀


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