Ravenia#2 : when bedroom turns to be living room


The room area is 2,5m x 3m. I’ve added 2 additional windows on the side wall so we can see the sideyard garden. Non-smoking guest can breathe the fresh air. For the smoked guest, these additional windows will help to blow the smoke away from this room. Yes, hate to say that the hubby smokes.

Why I dont keep it as bedroom? Because the area is too small. I cant see any floor to step on, when our queen-sized bed inside. Then I choose to turn it into livingroom. I think it’s suitable to meet formal guest, since we will not be visited by guests everyday. So a small room is quite enough. One day if we have high frequency of visitation, we will consider to make this room larger.

I add new door for the guests’ access so they can go directly to this room.
AS this room is quite small, then I give mirror so it will reflect all things in this room and will make the room looks bigger.

living room
living room

I dont use sofa for this small room, because it will take alot of space of this room. Then I choose benches for seat, they help the room look bigger. The table is higher than benches, adapted from cafe.
The benches inspiration is like below image.

I’m not certain when applying purple as the color theme of this room since the dark color usually will impress that room is smaller. You may check the color phychology here. But, thanks to mirror, no matter dark color I will use, the room is still larger that its original :D.


That’s my living room inspiration. How about yours ?


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