Tools we love


In designing our SSH, we’re using this portable software : Sweet Home 3D. It’s easy to use. The furnitures they have, are not branded nor have fixed dimension.  We can arrange and change the dimension of  all furnitures so they can adapt the size of the room. We love this feature! For rendering, your PC should have enough memory otherwise it will make you PC hang for a while [could be 5minutes or more]. More stuffs on your files, less luck you can render it to 3D! It does happen to my laptop. My hubby has his own strategy to handle that condition. After he created the basic plan, he ‘beautify’ one 1 room only, then take picture from some angles. After he got them, he remove all stuff on that room then create another room, and repeat the same steps.

Sometimes, I design online using my deco. On this site, we can see many famous branded  furniture & accessories for rooms. Also, we can buy directly through it. How use use the 3D tools is same easy as Sweet Home 3D. We can render by taking picture of our desired room soon.

Once we have no idea for our miserable crap, we go to for enlightment :). There’re so many good picture and it can be classifed based on our search. For example, we would like to see how to decorate the small bedroom, just type it up on the search box and voila…. thousands amazing desired pictures will show up!


You may try them if you want to be like us, the interior-designer-wanna-be 😀

Have a nice day.


3 thoughts on “Tools we love

  1. Haha i’m addicted to Houzz also. Got some major inspiration for some recycled timber projects i’ve built from there. As well as a good old fashioned dreaming look at the huge and gorgeous homes.

    1. Hi Sean. Yup, we also get a lot of idea and inspiration about rooms. Sometimes, the ordinary room becomes so fabulous on houzz :).
      Thanks for stepping by and leaving comment 🙂

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