Good news

Long time not post here!

Finally, after sometimes this decision had been agreed!


Iyeyyy!!! Created by textcutie.

We’re moving. Soon.
We’re stay at my-mother-in-law house now, and we will move to our own home, eventhough many things should be fix, added, built, but it’s OK.

Although it’s still words, but it gave me more hope, more enlightenment, more energy.
I’m so enthusiast about planning many thing.

My hope about having a new life rhythm, forming our family identity, and the main reason is redefining our parenthood style!

Will post more on this blog about my pin of my dream home 😀

So, hubby let’s make this works ;).

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home design android apps

What’s your favorite apps ?

Quinie says...


I had a dream of becoming an architect, but then I graduated from chemistry. Such a different path ?
Due to this unreached dream, I have special blog for designing home experiment.

Of course, for designing home, I need special supported software/application.
I had a portable software for home design on my windows laptop, it’s sweet home 3d. It’s free and easy to create a new floor plan and also render it out. I love it.

Since I have a handsome-baby-boy, I have no time to use laptop. I use android tablet pc instead because its simplicity.

I also want supported apps on my android tablet pc for my experiment. Then I found these 3 free edition of home designing apps. I’ll tell ya one by one.


1. Virtual plan 3d
I forgot whether they have the paid version. On the opening, there’re steps which inform us to visit their…

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ravenia#4 : 2 separated bathrooms



In this design, i just tried to memorize my mother-in-law’s suggestion when she visited our house a few weeks ago.

The front room becomes living room.  Noted, eventhough i thought it’s kinda not too usefull since as the new comers in the neighborhood we would not have guest everyday. So, why should we spare special room for living room? but there’s advantage with sparing special room for guest for owner’s privacy :).

The family room becomes bigger since it doesn’t share with another room.

Bedroom room is next to the living room and it is shown on brown area. The previous bathroom is eliminated and regenerated to be 2 separated bathroom. 1 for public and another one for the master bedroom. Bathrooms are shown in grey color.

Bathroom is also as divider for kitchen and service area (dark brown area) on the back yard. There’s little space for little garden for bathroom and kitchen’s air circulation.